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Escape to Zapata Peninsula on our  live-aboard Georgiana. Scuba diving adventures in new diving sites, some places will be revisited after more than 20 years! Some others will be discovered during the trip! Experience diving and relaxing in the turquoise waters of this Marine Park, beaches and virgin underwater paradises still unexplored. Dive in pristine waters with absolute safety while your chef is preparing the best sea food in the world, 5 minutes away.

A professional crew giving you personalized attention every minute, with a mixture of the warmth and friendly way of the Cubans mixed with  highest quality standards and infrastructure.

Wake up in the middle of the sea and look through the window, all you will see is lonely white sand beaches.

Your boat will be alone in many miles of mangrove keys, beaches and rocky islands. Nobody else diving there! Georgiana live-aboard stays in exclusive loneliness, in an unforgettable diving week.