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Costa Rica Scuba Diving at its Best! Escape to Cocos Island on a liveaboard scuba diving trip in Costa Rica!


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July 2018 - Dec 2020

Costa Rica Marine Parks

Escape to Cocos Island a lush, green uninhabited island resting 342 miles off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Rocky pinnacles surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action. Schooling hammerheads, countless white-tip sharks, mantas, tuna and even whale sharks call Cocos home.

Cocos island National Park was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. Weather permitting, Okeanos Aggressor guests are shuttled ashore to hike through the jungles of Cocos and swim in her many waterfalls. All ten-day trips offer seven days of diving. The Okeanos Aggressor sets off from the port town of Punteranas.


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Getting There, Passport & Visa Documentation:
Cocos Island is located off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Guests fly to San Jose, Costa Rica for a two-hour air-conditioned bus ride to Puntarenas, which showcases some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful views. The Okeanos Aggressor cruises approximately 32 hours to Cocos Island.
Most major airlines fly into San Jose, Costa Rica: American, Iberia, United, Delta, Lacsa, Taca and US Airways. An overnight stay in San Jose is usually required prior to the trip due to airline schedules. Recommended hotels are the host hotels, Holiday Inn- Escazu and Indigo Hotel in San Jose where group transfers are provided from.

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. US citizens require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.

Guests will be met by a crewmember in uniform at the Holiday Inn – Escazu and Indigo Hotel (host hotels) on the day of departure at a pre-set time for our group transfer. The pick-up and boarding time schedule is available in our “Know Before You Go” document and below in the “Departure Schedule” link. Boarding depends on the tide schedule. Immediately after boarding the yacht departs for its crossing to Cocos Island to prepare for diving Monday morning. After a full seven days of diving, the Okeanos Aggressor returns back to the dock in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Check-out is Tuesday morning at 7:30 am. Transportation is provided back to the host hotels or San Jose (SJO) airport from the yacht at the end of the charter. Book flights after 12:30 pm.
Taxes & Fees:
USD $490 Park Fee, (10 night charters), $350 Park Fee (8 night charters), non-divers $350 (10 night charters) $250 (8 night charters), $30 Emergency Evacuation Plan, (both paid onboard), $29 airport departure tax paid at airport. All fees and taxes must be paid in cash.

DANThere is a new mandatory $30 charge for an “Emergency Evacuation Plan” that will be paid onboard the yacht. In the unlikely event that a diving accident or medical emergency occurs while 300+ miles from the mainland at Cocos Island, it is imperative that the injured party be transported to a medical care facility as quickly as possible. When medical evacuation is needed, this service (which is administered and operated by the Traveler Emergency Medical Services (Traveler EMS) subsidiary of Divers Alert Network) utilizes pre-established and pre-authorized emergency evacuation protocols that have been created to facilitate the immediate dispatch of medical transport. Depending on the benefits under other policies held by the guest, their insurance carrier may or may not have logistics in place to deal specifically with Cocos Island – which could result in delayed response times for the medical evacuation and ultimate first responder care. This new program benefits every passenger aboard, not only the injured diver. Currently if the injured diver’s insurance plan fails to respond quickly enough with evacuation plans, the captain of the yacht would be obligated to terminate the cruise early and head back to port – thus impacting everyone’s travels. This new program minimizes this risk for all guests.

DAN’s Traveler EMS “Emergency Evacuation Plan”only provides 1st responder care (if available) during transport and transport to a medical facility. It does NOT provide medical care. All divers visiting Cocos Island are required to have some form of diving accident insurance and are encouraged to purchase Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance as well. Your diving and travel insurance policy(s) provide you the financial protection for the actual medical care plus any further medical transport above and beyond returning you from the yacht to a local medical facility on the mainland.

Cano Island, Costa Rica
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Diving Environment:
Whale Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Tuna, Manta Rays, Turtles and Giant Frogfish
All dives from tenders
Water temperature: 72 – 82F, 22 – 28C with cooler thermoclines
3 – 5 mm wetsuit recommended

Top Dive Sites – Cocos Island

AlcyoneCocos Dive Map
A 600’ long submerged mountain, the top of the mountain is 75’ from the surface. Schooling Hammerheads, Mantas and schooling fish. Possible Sailfish or Marlin.

Big Dos Amigos
This islet features a 45-foot-high arch and 60-foot pinnacle off the southeast side. Look for Rainbow Runners, Yellowtail Snapper, Bigeye Jacks and lobster. Hammerheads swim between the pinnacle and arch.

Bird Island, Chatham Bay
Dove from Chatham Bay, southeast of Manuelita, this site provides a variety of marine life including Frog Fish, lobsters, morays, rays, White Tip Sharks and Hammerheads. There is even a cleaning station.

Dirty Rock
A large island with schools of Marble Rays and Hammerheads.

Lone Stone
Schooling Marble Rays and Mobula Rays.

The northeast corner has asheer wall. Lots of White Tips, Marble Rays and schools of Creoles.

Special Sightings
Whale Sharks, mating Eagle Rays, Sail Fish, mating White Tip Sharks, False Killer Whales.

Ubing Rock, Wafer Bay
This 300’ rock begins at 20’ and drops to a 110’ sandy bottom. The southeast slope attracts schooling Hammerheads.


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